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Standard steps

Loading data

  • loadOne: similar to DataLoader.load, batch loading of single values
  • loadMany: similar to DataLoader.load, batch loading of lists of values

Forming objects and lists

  • list: takes a list of steps and turns it into a single step that resolves to list of the underlying steps' values
  • object: takes an object, the keys of which are steps, and turns it into a single step that resolves to an object where the values are the corresponding underlying steps' values
  • remapKeys: returns step that results in an object made up of the given renamed keys and values from another object step

Operating on lists

  • first: returns the first entry from a list
  • last: returns the last entry from a list
  • reverse: reverses the order of a list
  • filter: returns only the entries in a list that satisfy a callback
  • groupBy: Takes a single dimensional list plan and a mapper that returns a grouping key. Returns a plan that results in a Map where the keys are the grouping keys and the values are lists of the original entries that match these grouping keys.
  • each: Transforms a list by wrapping each element in the list with the given mapper.


  • polymorphicBranch: a step to help deal with simple polymorphism
  • constant: always returns the given value
  • error: always throws the given error
  • access: accesses the property at the given path for each value
  • lambda: executes a lambda function for each set of values
  • setter: a ModifierStep for setting given values onto a parent step


  • context: returns the GraphQL contextValue
  • connection: wraps a list-returning plan with connection-related capabilities such as PageInfo
  • node: gets a Node by its global object identifier


  • listen: Subscribes to the given pubsubOrPlan to get realtime updates on a given topic (topicOrPlan), mapping the resulting event via the itemPlan callback.