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Grafserv has support for a number of Node.js webservers built in, and you can build an adaptor to make Grafserv compatible with your server of choice.

Please see the subpages for the builtin webserver support.

Sequence diagram

If you plan to implement your own Grafserv adaptor (rather than using a built in one), this sequence diagram may aid your understanding:

sequenceDiagram participant Server as Server Framework participant Adaptor as Grafserv Adaptor participant Grafserv as Grafserv Core Server->>Adaptor: Framework request object Adaptor->>Grafserv: Normalized request digest<br/>(method, path, headers, etc) opt For POST requests Grafserv--)Adaptor: Get request body Adaptor--)Server: Fetch body Server--)Adaptor: Framework specific body<br/>(Buffer, JSON, text, etc) Adaptor--)Grafserv: Normalized body end Grafserv-)Grafserv: Compute GraphQL Result Grafserv->>Adaptor: Grafserv response<br/>(JSON, text, stream, etc) Adaptor->>Server: Framework response