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Pre-release caveats

Grafast is pre-release software right now - this means it's essential you stay up to date.

Thanks to a 3 month prealpha period and a further 3 months as alpha we are confident the software is now suitable to run in production, but it's still relatively young and has not been fully battle tested yet (that's where you come in!)

You should follow the advice in Production Considerations, especially if you're allowing arbitary untrusted queries to your GraphQL schema.

The software is still undergoing iteration; it's likely that a few APIs will further evolve over time. Now that the alpha phase is complete we expect these changes to be relatively minor, and we'll detail them in the release notes with each release. In particular, we are expecting to improve the TypeScript types somewhat, which may necessitate some minor API refactors. For other expected changes, see the issues on the repository.

To stay up to date with the breaking changes, we recommend that you use the #rules channel in the Graphile Discord to give yourself the @news-testers role, and then pay attention to #announcements.