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The future of efficiency is here: add planning to your schema!

Significantly reduce GraphQL-related load across your entire backend stack by leveraging the declarative nature of GraphQL.

🆕 v0.1 is here! Grafast is now MIT Licensed Open Source Software!

Introducing Grafast: a next-generation planning and execution engine for GraphQL!
General purpose!

Grafast can implement any shape of GraphQL schema and is designed to integrate with your existing Node.js or remote business logic.


Fine-tune your plans to only fetch the data you need from your business logic layer, reducing stress across your stack and increasing scalability.

Ludicrous speed!

Grafast was designed to maximize performance throughout the entire request lifecycle without placing undue burden on application developers.

And so much more!

Eliminating over-fetching, under-fetching, and the N+1 problem are just the first step in your Grafast “journey to efficiency”.